A transgender footballer for a lower-league South Yorkshire team believes she is being discriminated against by teams boycotting matches if she is playing.

On Rossington Main Ladies FC Facebook page, Francesca Needham was quoted as expressing her hope the “issue of perceived discrimination against me can be resolved peacefully” with assistance from the Football Association.

Needham said she was being forced to quit playing for now.

The Football Association told Sky News: “We are working with Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA to find a resolution.

“This issue is complex and constantly evolving, and like many other national governing bodies in sport, we are currently reviewing our transgender policy for English football to ensure it is inclusive, fair and safe for all.”

The FA’s current transgender policy is that “gender identity should not be a barrier to participation in football” but eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Players over the age of 16 assigned male at birth wanting to compete in women’s football have to show their blood testosterone levels are “within natal female range for an appropriate length of time so as to minimise any potential advantage”.

Annual checks are required.

Rossington competes in the seventh level of the women’s football pyramid.

Needham wrote that the team has faced “challenges from teams unwilling to play against us while I am on the field”.

Rossington Main Ladies FC have had opponents pull out of games over concerns about Francesca Needham.

Her statement added: “This unfortunate circumstance has prompted me to investigate pursuing a case of discrimination, as I believe it represents a breach of the code of conduct regarding diversity and inclusion, as well as safeguarding of adults in football established by both the Football Association and the Sheffield and Hallamshire Women and Girls League.

“Therefore, in the best interests of my club and my supportive teammates who stand beside me, I have made the decision to step down from playing football for the foreseeable future.

“This decision is rooted in the desire to safeguard the team and the club’s trajectory.

“It’s disheartening to acknowledge that this situation contradicts everything in the diversity and inclusion policies, given that I have diligently met every single requirement set out by the Football Association to play.

“I sincerely hope that this issue of perceived discrimination against me can be resolved peacefully and promptly, with the full support of the Football Association and the policies they have written and approved.”

Needham said she did not want to comment further.

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It was posted by team secretary Garth Restell, who did not reply to requests for comment.

He wrote ahead of Sunday’s game that it had been “cancelled due to another team pulling out of playing,” adding: “In unity we defeat discrimination”.

The Daily Telegraph, which first reported on the case, said the safety of players was the reason teams would not face Needham.

There was no immediate reply from officials at the league.