Police say a Greek man has confessed to killing his British wife – just weeks after he claimed she died during a brutal invasion of the couple’s home.

Caroline Crouch, 20, who grew up in Greece, was found murdered in a bedroom at the family home near Athens on 11 May after her husband alerted police.

Babis Anagnostopoulos claimed he and his wife had been tied up by robbers.

Speaking to Greek television, he said: “I cannot describe it. I cannot describe it.

“I hope this will not happen to anyone else.

“Police are doing their job and they will catch them. I hope what my family and the family of my wife has been through will not happen to anyone again.”

Officers offered a £257,000 reward for information.

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However on Thursday, police said new evidence had come to light and that the husband had been brought in for questioning after attending a memorial service on the island of Alonissos, where Ms Crouch grew up.

Just hours later, a statement from the Hellenic Police on Twitter said: “Investigation of the homicide of a 20-year-old native that took place on May 11, 2021 in Glyka Nera.

“The perpetrator is her 33-year-old husband, who confessed to his act.”

Police sources told Sky News, citing smartwatch data, that a tracker contradicted the husband’s initial testimony that he had been tied up and gagged by three assailants.

Instead, they found that he moved around the house, going from the attic to the basement.

The couple’s baby daughter was at home at the time of Ms Crouch’s death but was not harmed.