Tesla has now released the specs and the first images of a new Powerwall + installation after the power update announced by Elon Musk last week.

Last week, we reported on Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussing a significant power capacity increase for the home battery pack.

The first major update to the Powerwall 2 since it was unveiled back in 2016.

During Tesla’s earnings call on Monday, Musk said that the new Powerwall went into production in November of last year.

The CEO has been talking about the new version having about twice the power output of the older version.

Now Tesla has started sending spec sheets of what they are now calling the ‘Powerwall +’ to new buyers (via tangarg):

The company wrote about the updated home battery pack:

Powerwall+ is an integrated solar battery system to store energy from solar production. Its integrated design and streamlined installation allow for a simple connection to any home, and improved surge power capability brings whole home backup in a smaller package. System smart controls enable owners to customize system behavior to suit their renewable energy needs.”

Tesla has a new inverter with integrated breaker that sits on top of the new Powerwall+ – giving the installation a new look:

It looks like the new device might replace Tesla’s Powerwall Gateway.

The specs confirm the power increase. The Powerwall+ now has a top power of 9.6 kW, which went up from 5 kW continuous and 7 kW peak.

Here are the full specs of the new Powerwall+:

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