The NHL on Wednesday announced rule changes for the 2024-25 season, including the ability for coaches to challenge delay of game penalties for a puck out of play.

“This only will apply to delay of game penalties when the puck is determined to have deflected off a player, stick, glass or boards, and not on a judgment call on how the puck left the defensive zone,” the NHL said.

However, a failed challenge will result in an additional two-minute minor on top of the delay penalty. Teams will also be hit with a bench minor penalty for players sitting on the boards. Referees will give one warning to each team before a penalty is assessed.

Also, following an icing call, offensive centers will receive a warning for a faceoff violation moving forward, same as defensive players.

Finally, an adjustment will be made to prevent the defensive team from making a line change when its goaltender accidentally dislodges the net. The old language to that rule applied to just skaters.