A new YouGov poll projects Labour are on course for a 200-seat majority at the general election – while the Tories will slump to their lowest-ever number of MPs.

If this and other similar polls are accurate, it suggests Britain is on the cusp of a fundamental redrawing of the political landscape compared to five years ago.

The projection suggests the Tories will lose more than half of the 365 seats won by the party under Boris Johnson in 2019 – plummeting to 108 MPs.

The polling for the projection was conducted from last Tuesday until this Tuesday with 39,979 people interviewed online.

It used the MRP technique – a type of poll that gets pundits excited because it draws from large amounts of data, including a large sample size. It aims to predict which party will win in every single parliamentary seat.

Here you can check which party will win in your constituency under the YouGov projection: