If you’re worried about anelectromagnetic pulse (EMP) event but are not sure how to prepare, study the potential EMP attack timeline detailed below.

While you’re doing your research, you can also start building your stockpile by purchasing food supplies like food buckets and freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. (h/t toTreehouseDad.com) Potential EMP attack timeline

When prepping for an EMP event,think about the breakdown of society over time.

Instant shutdown

First, several nuclear weapons could be shot into space and detonated directly above the target country.

While there might not be any fallout, the U.S. can still get hit by an electromagnetic pulse that fries most electronics instantly and simultaneously.


Non-preppers will assume that the EMP event isa blackout.However, others will soonrealize that cars have stopped workingand portable electronics not on the grid can no longer be used.

At this point, initial panic may arise, which can result in some people looting stores.

Stores will run out of food and supplies

After most stores have been looted, food and other essential supplies will run out.This is why you should start building your food stockpile before SHTF.

Meanwhile, people with family members who need prescription medications will also start stockpiling, which may result in violence as some pharmacies will defend prescriptions. (Related: How to prepare for an EMP strike.)


As water and food become more scarce, some people may start to migrate.

Many of them will try to leave cities and travel to rural areas, expecting an abundance of food and water. However, thats not always the case.

People survive on the available systems and depending on the region, most agricultural areas arent set up to handle masses of people with diverse dietary needs.

Alliances and first deaths

At this stage, groups will form for protection against other groups.If you have fellow preppers that you trust in your area, team up with them to protect each other from crimes such as theft, rape or murder.

With prescription medications becoming harder to acquire because of the distance to local factories and suppliers abroad, people will start dying in waves.

The elderly, diabetics and other people with serious health conditions requiring extreme care and medication will die first. Those with psychological disorders may start to become unstable and extremely dangerous.

Second and third waves of deaths

The second wave of death will come from starvation, thirst and murder.

Another wave may come from unusual fatalities, like infection and common diseases since even over-the-counter (OTC) medications will be harder to come by.

New World

Estimates suggest that at least 90 percent of the population will dieafter the first year after an EMP attack.Sometime within this year, or soon after, the EMP attackers will come in and take over governing with zero opposition.

If an attacking country comes in after one year and offers food, water and medication, the people will do whatever is asked of them. Where to get lab-verified food supplies before SHTF

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