Two women killed in a shooting in the West Bank were British nationals, according to a UK official.

The women were sisters – one aged 15 and the other in her 20s, according to local media.

Their mother was also seriously injured when their car was attacked on Friday near the Hamra settlement, about 30 miles north of Jerusalem.

Sky News Middle East correspondent Ali Bunkall said it’s believed the family moved to Israel around 2005.

The shooting happened after Israeli airstrikes hit Lebanon and Gaza in response to rocket attacks Israel blamed on militant group Hamas.

Tensions have flared in the region following police raids on the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem this week.

Bunkall said the practice of targeting cars with Israeli number plates in the West Bank had become “far more commonplace in the last few weeks” and that a US national was also recently shot dead.

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It’s believed the two women killed on Friday were in a car that came under fire and was then rammed.

They died at the scene and their mother was airlifted to hospital in a “very critical condition”, added Sky’s correspondent.