Large explosions have been reported in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv following the sound of incoming missiles.

The city’s mayor Vitali Klitchko posted on Telegram: “Several explosions in the Shevchenskivskyi district – in the centre of the capital.”

A spokesperson for the State Emergency Services told the Suspilne public broadcaster there had been fatalities and injuries.

A witness told the Reuters news agency that black smoke was seen rising from a building in the city centre following the sound of a blast.

Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘terrorist act’ – Ukraine latest

Others on social media posted images alleging to be from the city, with some claiming a “missile attack” was “struck down” by Ukrainian forces.

Sky News security and defence editor Deborah Haynes said: “You’ll remember the capital came under heavy bombardment at the start of the war but there’s been relative calm there in recent months.

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“This is very unusual to have strikes right in the heart of the city, where the government offices are.

“We don’t yet have confirmation of what has been hit… but an adviser to the president has tweeted just now calling Russia a terrorist state again with photographs of flames behind a building.”

It comes just days after an explosion on the Kerch Strait Bridge that links occupied Crimea to Russia.

The blast caused serious damage and will further squeeze supply lines for Kremlin forces fighting in Ukraine.

Nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack on Saturday.

Vladimir Putin, facing rare direct criticism at home, accused Ukraine special forces of carrying out the strike.

However, Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, tweeted: “Putin accuses Ukraine of terrorism? Sounds too cynical even for Russia.

“Less than 24 hours ago (Russian) planes hit residential area of Zaporizhzhia with 12 missiles, killing 13 people and injuring more than 50.

“There is only one terrorist state here and the whole world knows who it is.”