The NHL didn’t exactly have goalie tandems last season. It was more like gaggles of goaltenders.

Due to COVID-19 absences, injuries and ineffectiveness, a record 119 goalies appeared in 2021-22 regular-season games, from Akira Schmid to Zach Fucale. As a result, NHL scoring numbers climbed to their highest levels in nearly 30 years.

The 2022-23 NHL regular season should offer a bit more normalcy as far as who is minding the net for teams. But if we know anything about goalies, what looks one way on paper can look a lot different on the ice.

Here are the goalie tandem rankings for this season. They were formulated through discussions with a variety of goalie experts — coaches, analytics gurus, former players — as well as through stats from sites like Evolving Hockey, Money Puck and Hockey Reference. They also incorporate information from Clear Sight Analytics, former NHL goalie Stephen Valiquette’s analytics firm.

Keep in mind that these are a combination of past performance and projections for the 2022-23 NHL season.