We speak to an Oscar winner and a grime star this week, in the latest Backstage – the TV and film podcast from Sky News.

Claire Gregory is joined as usual by Stevie Wong, alongside Sky News’ arts and entertainment reporter Chris Robertson, as they look at the latest news and reviews in the world of film and TV.

The team discuss Netflix’s Tudum event, and all the new releases, trailers and sneak peaks that came with it, as well as delving into HBO’s latest big money project – The Last Of Us.

They also look at Avatar’s reclamation of the global box office top spot, and some creepy horror film marketing this week after a number of odd individuals were spotted at baseball games in the US.

Oscar-winning superstar Jeff Bridges chats to Backstage about his latest project The Old Man, where he plays a washed-up CIA operative on the run (listen to the end for the full interview!) and Big Narstie discusses the rise of grime and drill music ahead of the launch of new show Jungle.

This week Kenneth Branagh’s This England, where he plays Boris Johnson in Sky’s new COVID-19 drama, is reviewed, as is sandwich shop comedy The Bear.

And how could we let the new Hocus Pocus pass us by – find out if the team enjoyed the spooky Sanderson sisters sequel, 29 years on from the blockbusting original, as they run amuck, amuck, amuck!

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