Tesla is pushing a new software update that includes an improved Theater Mode. It’s a small change, but it will provide a much smoother experience when using streaming platforms inside Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Theater

Tesla vehicles are equipped with an in-car app called Tesla Theater, which includes several streaming services, like YouTube and Netflix, that Tesla owners can enjoy when their vehicles are parked.

The feature is especially useful when a Tesla owner is stopped at a Supercharger station to charge.

Tesla Theater now includes YouTube, Disney+, HBO, Twitch, and more.

Tesla 2022.28 software update

With this new software update (2022.28), Tesla is improving the Theater Mode with a new minimizing function.

From the release notes via Notateslaapp:

Full screen Theater Mode can now be minimized, allowing access to vehicle controls without video playback interruption. Tap the minimize button on the top left corner of the window to toggle full screen mode.

The update has just started pushing out, and it can take some time to propagate throughout the fleet.

Electrek’s Take

This sounds like a very small change, and it is, but it is a much-needed improvement to Tesla Theater.

Almost every time that I use Tesla Theater, I end up wanting to look up something else in the center screen, generally to plan my route in the navigation system, but it always takes me out of the streaming service I am using in Tesla Theater.

You have to go through the whole process of going back to your stream after you are done. It’s annoying. This is a small change that will get me to use Tesla Theater a lot more.

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