Elon Musk says that Tesla is working on its service in North America and aiming for the majority of appointments to be same-day repairs.

Tesla has been growing at an incredible pace over the last few years.

Car deliveries grew 68% from 184,877 vehicles in Q1 2021 to 310,048 vehicles in Q1 2022 – the last quarter reported.

The growth in deliveries is so fast that Tesla’s infrastructure growth is not keeping up.

For example, Tesla grew the Supercharger network 37% during the same period, its store and service locations grew 20%, and its mobile service fleet grew 35%.

Those are all impressive growth rates on their own for a company as big as Tesla, but it doesn’t keep up with new deliveries adding to its customer fleet.

On the service side, the growing fleet is putting a lot of pressure on the service capacity, which sometimes lacks in accessibility, meaning that service centers can be far for owners, and the delay to get an appointment can be days to weeks depending on the location.

When asked about the situation, CEO Elon Musk often gives his line about “no service is best service” and says that Tesla is improving reliability in order to need service less often, which would in turn free up capacity for when needed.

However, Tesla still ends up needing to readjust its service capacity every few years. In 2019, Musk admitted a “foolish oversight” of Tesla’s service coverage and made several statements about expanding service.

Tesla opened a record number of service stations the next year.

Now it sounds like Tesla is readjusting again as Musk announced on Twitter this weekend that he is working on Tesla service in North America:

He said that the goal is for two-thirds of cars to have access to same-day service – though it’s not clear if he means being able to get a same-day appointment or same-day repair.

Either way, it would be an improvement in most cases.

Tesla currently operates over 673 stores and service centers and a fleet of 1,372 mobile service vehicles to service over 2 million electric vehicles – and growing fast.

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