Estonian PM urges West to hold firm over Ukraine despite economic hit


Western unity is being strained by the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, the prime minister of Estonia has warned.

Kaja Kallas has been nicknamed the Iron Lady of Estonia for her hard line with Russia.

She told diplomatic correspondents in London: “The unity is always so very hard to keep. I am happy that we have been able to keep the unity for so, so long.

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“But it is getting more and more difficult because everybody is you know, the inflation is high, energy prices are high.”

And she went on to urge Western allies to hold firm on Ukraine and Russia despite the rising cost of living crisis.

“The gas might be expensive, but freedom is really priceless.”

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Ms Kallas is fighting to stay in power having disbanded her coalition government, accusing her coalition partner of fighting against Estonia values, seen as a reference to its longstanding collaboration with the Kremlin.

If she fails to form an alternative power sharing arrangement there is the danger of a more pro-Russian government taking charge.

But her strident support of Ukraine has strengthened her appeal to Estonian voters.

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She said more needs to be done by allies if Vladimir Putin is to be beaten in Ukraine.

“I think we have to do more. And as I said, we have done the right decisions.

“But the implementation for some allies takes time and maybe we are too slow. They don’t have that time and we have to speed up with implementation of our decisions as well.”

The prime minister warned that the West should buckle up for a long drawn out conflict and all the sacrifices that may be bring.

“We have to isolate Russia politically, economically, also on all levels. And we have to be prepared for a long war here.”

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