Tesla vehicles are gaining momentum with police departments worldwide that are looking to save money and reduce emissions. Now the New York Police Department (NYPD), arguably the world’s most famous police department, bought a Tesla Model 3 and turned it into an electric patrol vehicle.

There are already plenty of Tesla police cars out there. Many police departments have done the math and figured out that they could save a lot of money by upgrading their fleets to Tesla vehicles, especially the Model 3.

We previously reported on the Bargersville Police Department in Indiana, which purchased several Tesla Model 3 vehicles. It found after the first full year of using the Tesla Model 3 that they had already saved over $6,000.

Fremont Police and the Spokane Police Department have also recently acquired Tesla Model Y vehicles to use as police patrol vehicles.

But the cheaper Model 3 appears to remain the most popular EV with police departments.

Now we learn that even the NYPD has also evidently acquired a new Tesla Model 3.

The new electric vehicle was spotted in New York this week (hat tip to H.D.):

Based on the brand-new decal on the Model 3, it looks like it will be used by the NYPD Highway Patrol department.

Electrek has contacted the NYPD Highway Patrol about the new vehicle and we will update if we get a response.

The NYPD is following in the steps of the Hastings-on-Hudson Police Department, which operates not too far from New York City and recently acquired a Tesla Model Y to use as a patrol vehicle.

The upstate police department received backlash from some taxpayers who perceived them buying the premium Model Y as a waste of money.

However, other police departments who are already using Tesla vehicles have found that the higher purchase price is worth it when accounting for the fuel savings, which are significant considering how many miles police patrol vehicles drive.

The Bargersville Police Department, which operates a fleet of Model 3 vehicles, now believes that it will see a return on its investment as fast as 19 months.

They generally keep their vehicles for six years, and after they did the math, they determined they will save about $20,000 per car with the Model 3.

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