Thanks to some quick images captured by a Canoo deposit holder, we have a glimpse of one an upcoming electric vehicle from Canoo. This “sport vehicle” has previously been teased on Canoo’s website and in company presentations, but these images offer some of the first glimpses of the upcoming EV in real life.

Canoo ($GOEV) is an EV startup founded in 2017 by two former employees of Faraday Future. The automaker’s current focus is on delivering its first EVs, a Lifestyle Vehicle, its MPDV, an all-purpose, modular delivery van, and its Canoo Pickup Truck, which is scheduled to deliver in 2023. Canoo’s EVs sit upon the startup’s platform architecture, allowing for modular and customizable “top hats” to occupy the space on above.

In previous presentations surrounding the MPDV, Canoo has hinted at EVs to come carefully parked in the background and covered with sheets. One ended up being the Canoo Pickup, which was revealed last March. The other, is most certainly a sedan based on the silhouettes that have been shared with the public thus far.

In what Canoo is calling a “sport vehicle,” this prototype EV has now been captured in its physical form, being unloaded outside of Canoo headquarters in Torrance, CA.

New images of the Canoo “sport vehicle”

In a Reddit post on r/canoo, u/Mcardiel007 earned the 007 in their name by capturing some spy-like images of the upcoming EV. According to the original post, 007 is a deposit holder who has been having trouble getting a hold of Canoo.

The redditor decided to visit Canoo’s headquarters in Torrance to get some answers. In a fruitful twist of fate, Mcardiel007 was pulling up just as a crew was unloading the “sport vehicle” out of a trailer in front of the building. Without hesitation or regard for some of the crew discouraging the camera, the redditor was able to snap some images you can view below:

From what we can see from the images, the Canoo “sport vehicle” looks very low to the ground. It also appears to have a rectangular yolk style steering wheel, similar to the Pickup Truck along with Canoo’s unique headlights that appear as a prominent part of its logo.

In previous presentations from Canoo mentioning this upcoming EV, it is designed on the company’s modular platform to apparently be smaller and shorter than a Tesla Model 3, but with more interior space.

With the Lifestyle Vehicle slated to begin deliveries in late 2022, and the Pickup Truck to follow in 2023, customers could see this “sport vehicle” sometime in 2025. It’s safe to assume that at that point, these EVs will be manufactured at the upcoming “mega microfactory” Canoo has recently announced for Tulsa, Oklahoma.

More details will come to line when the automaker officially announces this new EV. We have reached out to Canoo for comment but have not heard back yet. Stay tuned for the latest.

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