Elon Musk is still hyping the upcoming release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta and now claims that Tesla Autopilot/Full Self-Driving Beta are already ‘superhuman’ on the highway and getting close on city streets.

The new FSD also comes with new visualizations.

Over the last few months, CEO Elon Musk has been talking about Tesla moving to a new generation (v9) of its FSD software that will remove reliance on radar readings and instead have everything done through computer vision based on cameras.

Earlier this week, Musk said that the update will “blow your mind”.

Now the CEO is releasing more details about the update beyond just the improved city driving capability.

Musk says that the new update will also include new driving visualizations:

“FSD display V9.0 will show actual probability distribution of objects – true mind’s eye of the neural net. This is so cool!”

A probability distribution is a statistical function that describes all the possible values and likelihoods that a random variable can take within a given range.

Therefore, it means that instead of the objects, like lines, cars, pedestrians, jumping around, they should display a smoother version of the vehicle’s environment.

Tesla has been using driving visualization that look more like a developer debug mode in the FSD beta software than something you’d find in a production car.

The automaker has been expected to update those visualizations for the wider release of the FSD beta.

Musk also said on Twitter today that believes that Autopilot is already achieving “superhuman” of driving on the highway and he sees the same happening on city streets with FSD:

“Anyone paying attention to the rate of improvement will realize that Tesla Autopilot/FSD is already superhuman for highway driving & swiftly getting there for city streets.”

The CEO has long been claiming that Autopilot is safer than human driving, but he has been claiming this based on Tesla’s quarterly Autopilot safety reports, which have been disputed for making questionable comparisons.

As always, you should keep in mind that Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Beta features are not autonomous driving features but driver assist features and the driver is always responsible for the vehicle and should be ready to take control at all times.

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