Leaks are just as prevalent in the automotive world as in the drones sector. And, the day before Shanghai’s big Auto Show, a DJI-related autonomous electric vehicle leak has occurred.

We reported recently that DJI appears to have a new division related to autonomous driving. We also reported this actually makes a lot of sense, given the company’s expertise with the kinds of sensors that are the bedrock of how such vehicles sense their environment.

And now, we’re getting a peek.

Shanghai Auto Show

This is a big show, and has become a “must attend” in non-COVID times. The big players are there, in addition to the growing number of vehicle producers in China. We’ll likely get details tomorrow, but the DJI name is about to become part of this mix.

Is the company going to build vehicles? No, not yet – if ever. But it apparently has launched a division devoted to hardware and software for autonomous EVs. Here’s a promotional image we saw recently that hints at this:

The leak

The Shanghai Auto Show starts Monday, April 19. And while someone was walking the floor, they snapped a photo that made its way to good ‘ole Twitter:

Not lost in translation

The link on that post takes you here, where you’ll find it along with some Chinese. We ran those characters through Google Translate. Here’s the gist of it:

On the eve of the opening of the Shanghai Auto Show 2021, the front team of Yiche photographed the new Baojun KiWi EV equipped with DJI’s in-vehicle intelligent driving system. DJI will provide customers with different levels of autopilot functions for the front-mounted mass production business, including hardware Scheme, software scheme and hardware + software package scheme. The specific information will be made public at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, which opens on April 19.


DroneDJ’s take

This doesn’t surprise us at all (especially since we reported this was coming). It absolutely makes sense for a tech giant like DJI to enter this sector.

We anticipate there will be more concrete information available on this tomorrow.

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