A new personal electric vehicle company has just debuted, joining a segment that has seen impressive growth lately. The aptly named X Mobility startup is already showing off a wide range of light electric vehicles.

The first three products that X Mobility has rolled out include an electric bicycle, e-scooter, and e-skateboard.

None of the three are high-power, but that helps them all achieve relatively low price points.

X Mobility H01 electric bike

The company’s first e-bike model is a 20-inch folding electric bike.

It comes outfitted with a 350W rear hub motor that propels the bike up to a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h). The bike doesn’t sport too many extra creature comforts or fancy features outside of the included fenders, but it does fold compactly to make it easier to store under a desk at work or carry onto a train.

The small 187 Wh uses its compact size to neatly hide itself in the frame tubes, making it hard to tell from a quick glance that the H01 is anything other than a typical folding bike.

With a promotional sale price of $869, X Mobility appears to be competing on cost. How will it stack up against other folding e-bikes in its price class? That remains to be seen.

M1 e-skateboard and i1 electric scooter

For those that like to be a bit more nimble on their feet during a morning commute or pleasure ride, X Mobility is also showing off its M1 electric skateboard and i1 electric scooter.

Priced at $539, the M1 electric skateboard uses a pair of 300W hub motors and a 187 Wh battery to reach a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h).

It’s also outfitted with a handle in the deck to make it easier to carry when not riding.

The i1 electric scooter is only slightly more expensive at $599. It features a sleeker design than many of the basic electric scooters we’ve seen before.

A 300W hub motor is combined with a 270 Wh battery to give the i1 a top speed of 15 mph (25 km/h).

Yet-to-be-released electric moped and e-motorcycles

While X Mobility has started by offering its smaller electric scooter, e-bike, and e-skateboard, the company’s unreleased products sound even more tempting.

An electric moped known as the Z1 (not to be confused with the Super73 Z1) and a pair of electric motorcycles badged as the T1 and T2 haven’t been launched yet, though we can see their design renderings.

We don’t have any word on their tech specs or an estimate for the release date just yet. But the designs indicate that X Mobility has larger aspirations than just low-cost electric mobility devices.

Such an expansion wouldn’t be without precedent.

SONDORS began as an ultra low-cost electric bicycle company that then expanded into electric mopeds and higher-quality e-bikes before recently unveiling an electric motorcycle known as the Metacycle.

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