Tesla’s sales have surged in China in March helping the automaker achieved its new record delivery results, according to registration numbers.

Last week, Tesla released its Q1 2021 delivery results – confirming a record quarter of over 184,000 electric cars delivered.

It beat most people expectations as Tesla had a more difficult quarter with part supply issues and no Model S and Model X production due to an ongoing upgrade.

We suspected that the difference between the expectations and the results could have been strong performance in China.

Tesla started producing the Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai just a few months ago and the production ramp up of the electric SUV in China could have a big impact on the automaker’s results.

The automaker delivered just over 1,600 Model Y electric SUVs in China in January and quickly ramped up to 4,630 Model Y deliveries in February.

A similar ramp-up in March was seen as a possible explanation to Tesla record deliveries.

Now it was confirmed as the China Passenger Car Association released the car industry’s March results in the country.

The industry has now fully recovered to pre-pandemic results and Tesla is ridding that wave with its lead in the local EV market.

They confirmed that Tesla went from 4,630 Model Y deliveries in February to 10,151 Model Y deliveries in March – an impressive ramp up in just 3 months.

Model Y deliveries also didn’t affect Model 3 deliveries negatively in the country.

According to the China Passenger Car Association’s data, Tesla also delivered over 25,000 electric sedans in the country last month – for a total of over 35,000 vehicles delivered by Tesla in March in China alone.

This is more than 3 times the number of vehicles Tesla would deliver in the market per month last year.

Electrek’s Take

Tesla China keeps impressing us.

Going from producing and delivering 0 to 10,000+ Model Y deliveries per month over just 3 months is an incredible ramp-up.

It is looking good for Tesla going forward this year because Model Y is expected to have an even bigger market than Model 3 in China.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla ends up delivering 50,000 cars per month in China during the second half of the year.

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