What happens when you bring together two of the biggest (both literally and figuratively) sci-fi characters of all time and pit them against each other?

You get new epic movie Godzilla vs Kong.

The film acts as a sequel to both Kong: Skull Island from 2017 and Godzilla: King of the Monsters from 2019, and is the fourth instalment in Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

It is the first major Hollywood cinematic film release since Tenet last year, as movie theatres begin to reopen in the western markets.

Godzilla vs Kong opened in the US earlier this week both in cinemas and online on HBO Max, and has already grossed around $123million (£89million) worldwide.

The cast includes Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown, Wolf of Wall Street’s Kyle Chandler and Battleship star Alexander Skarsgard.

Mexican actor Damian Bichir, who plays the film’s human antagonist Walter Simmons, spoke to Sky News about the movie.

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“This is what movie making is all about – it’s just spectacular,” he said.

“I haven’t done many fantasy-type films and this type of genre is very peculiar as it demands a lot of imagination from you, you work against green screens… and all that and that makes the whole work very, very interesting and difficult at the same time.

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“We shot this film way before the pandemic. I actually finished shooting another film in London with George Clooney… when the planet stopped and that’s when I came back to Los Angeles, but we shot Godzilla v Kong about two years ago.”

Talking about the film’s cast, he said: “One of the beauties of this film is that there’s a little bit of everything for everyone and we have a fantastic cast all the way from great adult actors to child actors and this makes the whole film very entertaining.

He described the film as “brutally beautiful” after watching the final cut at a private screening in LA.

On playing a villain he said: “I love human beings, we can be good and bad – I don’t believe in good or bad boys, villains of heroes – we’re all the same, we’re both and my character is a fantastic, phenomenal, crazy, billionaire with fantastic ideas and those ideas are good for everybody else, not just for him.”

Godzilla vs Kong is released in the UK on 1 April on streaming platforms Sky Store, Amazon Prime Video and iTunes.