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This community we call CleanTechnica is an important one to all who make it possible, and we know it’s important to all of our readers, as well. Our goal is to impact the climate crisis by diligently covering all things clean tech every single day, and we’ve been hard at work towards this goal for more than a decade now. 

I am new to the CleanTechnica community, as I’ve only just joined the team this past year. I could see and feel immediately this tight-knit, passionate group of people (both the CT team and readers alike) care intensely and immensely about the climate crisis. We all want to see things change for the better — and soon. 

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We are continuously striving to improve your experience reading CleanTechnica, so the important stuff (the latest in clean tech news) is front and center, always. 

We want to write more, dig deeper, create more thorough analyses and reports — and increase the depth and breadth at which we cover clean tech news overall. 

Something else to consider: we’re up against a deluge of media overload in the days of easy publishing and zero fact checking. This coupled with tidal waves of misinformation and disinformation forces honest and hardworking media sites like CleanTechnica to work even harder to get the real news out there. To be seen as a bright beacon of truth in a chaotic storm of disingenuous media.

This is where you — our daily readers, our new readers, our sometimes readers, our decade-long readers — come in. We understand this has been a tough year for everyone, so we’re asking, if you have the means, to consider becoming a subscriber to CleanTechnica

Think of it as your contribution to taking CleanTechnica to the next level — a contribution to advancing the level of news you read here and to becoming a firm and forever member of this community, making an impact on the climate crisis, and fighting the good fight for honest media. In gratitude to those who are able and willing to become a subscriber, we have an updated list of benefits.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, for helping to create such a great community that I now get to be part of, and for considering becoming a subscribing member of CleanTechnica. The mission of delivering clean tech news and disrupting the climate crisis is a critical one, which we all feel passionate about. We’d love to have your support in continuing this mission. 

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